The Northern Kenya landscapes vary from craggy, volcanic cinder fields to impassable areas of sand-dune systems and gritty scrub where jackals scamper and ostriches peck. The mountains that rise from the deserts are, however, often luxuriantly forested. Safaris in northern Kenya tend to use these areas as more comfortable oasis refuges away from the shadeless plains.

Saruni Rhino

Saruni Rhino is located in the 350,000 hectare-large Sera Conservancy, in the wild, undiscovered Northern frontier of Kenya. Saruni Rhino offers the first rhino tracking experience in East Africa: an amazing walking safari that provides a uniquely thrilling adventure, but also allows guests to actively contribute to the protection of this iconic species. Herds of elephants populate this vast landscape, offering also amazing birdwatching and cultural experiences with the "singing wells".

Sarara Camp

Sarara is a luxurious, romantic tented camp set on the edge of the magnificent Samburu wilderness. Each intimate tent is positioned to maximise the stunning views of the Mathews Range and the waterhole that attracts a good variety of game throughout the day. The tents are spacious and high-ceilinged with private terraces with table and chairs and morning coffee and tea are brought to you, so that you can leisurely arise gazing out over the mountains. There is an outdoor bathroom offering a superb view of the hills from the shower and an indoor toilet and sink at the back of the tent.

Sarara Treehouses

Sarara Tree is nestled into a forest glade at the foot of Uarges mountain, one of the seven Samburu sacred mountains. The 8 tents are built on a platform in the tree canopy giving a unique experience of wildlife walking underneath.

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