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Part Of The Eastern Rift Mountains Just South Of The Equator, Kilimanjaro’s Snow-Capped Peaks Tower Over The Surrounding Plains. Climbing The 5,895 M (19,341 Ft) Mount Kilimanjaro — Also Known As ‘The Roof Of Africa’ — Is Both A Test Of Endurance And A Celebration Of The Human Spirit. A Dormant Volcanic Mountain With Three Cones — Kibo, Mawenzi And Shira — Kilimanjaro Is Africa’s Tallest Mountain And The Highest Freestanding Mountain In The World. Unlike The Other Seven Summits (The Highest Mountains On Each Continent), Kilimanjaro Is A Non-Technical Climb. This Means That You Don’t Need To Be A Seasoned Mountaineer To Tackle It; However, It Is Not To Be Taken Lightly And Requires A Certain Level Of Fitness And Preparation. Most Routes Can Be Done In Six Days Or Stretched To Eight. We Recommend Taking As Long As Possible To Better Acclimatise To The Altitudes And Climates.




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