Murchison Falls


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Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest wildlife reserve – but that’s not all this veritable Eden has to offer. Four of the Big 5 roam about and sip at the edge of the Victoria Nile whose waters eventually burst through a narrow rock face in a potent torrent and drop down a steep cliff before reaching the bottom in a frothy fury. Welcome to Murchison Falls! Along with Bugungu Wildlife Reserve and Karuma Wildlife Reserve, the park forms part of the greater Murchison Falls Conservation Area in north-west Uganda. Often known as the Kabalega Falls (after a great Bunyoro chief), delta cruises along papyrus-lined waterways are the highlight of the trip. Whether seen from the top of the falls or the Devil’s Cauldron, its intimidating base, Murchison Falls promises striking vistas from whichever vantage point.




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